Social media marketing trends in 2022

Taking advantage of social media trends is an effective approach to engage with clients and produce revenue. Establishing a presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may help businesses build their brand and consumer base. It is critical to be upfront and real with your consumers while still providing value. You’ll be able to build trust and a long-term relationship this way. For your social media marketing plan, you should also have a precise purpose in mind.

1. The Creator Economy Will Thrive

The creative economy is currently valued at more over $100 billion, and we believe it is only getting started.

Many platforms, like TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn, have begun to actively engage in creative marketplaces and creator tools.

These technologies assist creators in connecting with their audiences and collaborating with companies.

2. Facebook & Instagram shopping

Social business and social media will continue to coexist in the future.

Instagram introduced the Shopping tab in 2020 as a means for users to discover new items. Facebook encourages shops to use its built-in storefront and has made the process of submitting items easier. Pinterest promotes things for sale by using buyable pins.

3. Augmented Reality

Over the previous five years, searches for “social media ar” have increased by 81%. Although the Augmented Reality (AR) sector is still in its infancy, it is expected to reach $70-$75 billion in annual sales by 2023. Take note that Instagram has previously dabbled in the AR game by enabling users to build their own filters.

4. The Metaverse (Facebook)

It was unsurprising that the recent outage on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram demonstrated the need for further decentralisation. Despite this, Facebook continues to dominate the social media landscape, with over 2.9 billion active users.

With the development of technology, comes new social media apps, which means that it is crucial for brands to stay on top of trends by adapting to the changes. Here at Media Bubble our team are experts at helping businesses adapt to new realities.

If you are looking for support, contact us now to get in touch with our marketing experts at the Bubble!


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