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Take your users on a journey by giving them the best experience on your website.

Your website must be designed for the end user.

At Media Bubble, we specialize in crafting customized website designs through a thorough process of consultations, wire-framing, and user experience sessions. By integrating your brand and utilizing our creative team’s expertise, we develop a polished design that delivers a higher return on investment. Our approach prioritizes the user experience, resulting in a unique design that stands out from the competition. We guide you on incorporating the best features and create user-focused designs with smooth navigation to ensure that your website effectively converts visitors into customers.

Our Process Explained Further


After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your brand, market, and goals, we utilize wireframes to outline the structure of your website and its key user journeys. This stage is crucial in making major decisions to ensure that your website effectively meets the needs of its users on each page.


After obtaining approval on the wireframes, we incorporate graphic assets and authentic content, and apply color palettes to bring the designs to life. Utilizing current or new branding guidelines, we communicate our vision to you while simultaneously welcoming your input and involvement in the design process.


Our design and development teams collaborate closely to oversee the build process, ensuring that your project adheres to strict design specifications and meets your deadlines.

Mobile Responsive Designs ​

Majority of website & search traffic comes from mobile devices.

As Google shifts toward a mobile-first index, having a mobile-responsive website is essential. Ensuring that your users have a consistent experience with your website, regardless of the device they use, is critical. To accomplish this, we meticulously evaluate how designs appear and how intuitive they are to navigate on the many devices available in today’s market.

Evolving Content Managements System

Using a Content Management System (CMS) simplifies the process of adding new information and keeping your website up to date. This ensures that your website remains relevant, which is essential for providing a positive user experience and increasing the frequency of Google’s crawls. We construct all of our websites with CMS platforms like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.


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